Walking Guided Tour of old Bayeux

Visite guidée du vieux Bayeux

Frequently Asked Questions

How have the COVID19 events affected your offer of service?

When we normally run two daily scheduled tours from April to September, we unfortunately had to cancel them in April, May, June, July and August. They will resume in September so you can book your spot online or simply turn up at the Tourist Office 5mn before the time of the tour. However we still are able to accommodate private tours all year long: check if a slot is suitable or simply send an email with your enquiry [email protected] or contact us

How should I prepare for the tour?

We recommend comfortable shoes, a bottle of water, layered clothes (from T-shirt to fleece cardigan), a water-proof garment, just in case. Normandy weather can be unpredictable! And of course, a fully charged camera! Be mindful that no "nature call" stops are scheduled on our scheduled tour and prove difficult even on private ones.

Why are the 2 hour and 1½ hour scheduled daily tours priced the same?

Bayeux visitors have often made the comment that 2 hours was too long to fit within their holiday plan and regretted not being able to join our tour for that reason. Others felt a 2 hour walk was too long for their energy level. We have therefore designed a shorter walking itinerary that would still enable us to provide a rich and thorough commentary. Be re-assured that all of Bayeux main architectural features are included in this itinerary and many more stops exclusive to Discovery Walks.

Where does the group tour start and finish?

For all details on our scheduled daily and/or private tour options click here

Will your tours run if it rains heavily?

Yes, we will be there, rain or shine. Make sure you are properly geared up and we will shelter along the tour wherever possible.

In the very unlikely event of heavy snow, we would inform the Tourist Office that we cannot reach the RDV point nor conduct our tour safely. But then, in case of heavy snow the whole city gets to a standstill!

How big are your groups on your scheduled daily tours?

Our groups are usually very small (usually 2 to 6 for a very maximum of 8 to 10 so far). Bayeux is not Paris! Be mindful that our scheduled daily tours will only start with a minimum of 2 adults. Larger groups are encouraged to book a private tour.

Are your tours suitable for families?

We are confident children from age 8 will be interested in our stories and presentation, supported by visuals. However you only know your children and their usual attention span. We supply a "multiple-choice" quiz with photos which encourages focus for your reading children. If you prefer to book a private tour for your family, do contact us

How do we recognize the guide?

We will wear our "apple green" trade color. Being a scarf or our famous hat! Also read "who are we?"

Are your scheduled tours suitable with wheelchair users?

Sadly our scheduled tour's itinerary is not suitable for wheelchair users. However we pride ourselves in having designed a specific route that caters for wheelchair users. We would arrange this as a private tour but still applying the scheduled tour price. A mere phone call away on +33 770 18 46 53. More details on the private tour section

What if I feel tired during the tour?

The actual walking time is only 1 hour but standing can prove tiring: sitting stops are scheduled on the tour, each lasting around 5-7mn. We are confident this will help pace the tour.

Are "nature call" stops scheduled on your tours?

Sorry, there aren't. Not only there are no public facilities along the itinerary but our tours are precisely timed and "nature call" stops would delay and reduce the contents of it, so the choice has been made to ask our honored guests to plan ahead before the start of the tour. Private tours are a bit more flexible but bear in mind finding a public toilet or buying a drink in a bar in order to be able to use theirs will reduce the time dedicated to the actual tour.

Can I pay with travelers cheques or credit cards?

Yes and no. If you present yourself to a scheduled "no-booking necessary" tour, payment is in Euro cash only. However you can pay with a credit card if you book online.  For private tours, other methods of payment are accepted, to be discussed during the booking procedure via email.

What if English is not my mother tongue?

We are accustomed to receiving guests where English is not the spoken language but be re-assured that we adapt our speech pattern and speed, as well as the vocabulary in our commentary. However you will still require a good level of spoken English.

Why are your tours offered only in one language at a time?

We know how frustrating it is to wait for another language commentary to finish and have made the conscious decision to offer our tour in exclusively one language. However, we can evidently offer a tailored bilingual French/English tour on a private tour basis, would the composition of your family require so.

What if I want a tour outside the scheduled tour running dates?

Please see our private tour options if you wish to arrange a private tour outside our running dates or with specific requirements.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

As long as it behaves well and is accustomed to stay still, yes, we would accept dogs. If however we feel its behavior is distracting to other guests, we would need to discuss this.

Do you recommend I bring a buggy?

Absolutely! Primarily because we always underestimate the tiredness of children during any holiday activity and also to bring peace of mind to parents in our sometimes busy streets. The tour is recommended for children age 8+. But of course you can bring your "little ones" along. 

Are you likely to cancel?

It has never happened since 2014, date when we started our guiding service.

Tough we do not expect this to happen in the future. There could be two occasions on which there could be a last minute cancellation:

- the very unlikely case of heavy snow, but then, all services, not ours exclusively would certainly come to a stand-still and though Normandy weather can be unpredictable, it would be unprecedented in the months between March and October.

- the guide allocated on your time slot is unable to come due to a last minute exceptional problem AND the other guide is not able to step in (needless to say we are both on "stand-by" during our touristic season to replace each other), then we would let the Tourist Office know of it. Would this rarest occurrence happen, we apologize in advance for any disappointment we may cause. If you had booked online we would evidently let you know immediately but again only an extreme situation would incur this.

What if I am the only person turning up on a scheduled tour?

A minimum of 2 adults is required for our scheduled tour to start. It is then up to you to pay for 2 or come back to another tour hoping for more attendance. If nobody shows up on time for the beginning of the tour, then our guide would leave, hence the importance of being at least 5mn early for the tour.

What if I get injured?

Since this is a walking tour, you only are fully responsible for your own safety, therefore we urge you to subscribe a travel insurance and check clauses for compensation, should you injure yourself or get injured by a third party or event. Please mention this to all members of your party if not your own family. Emergency measures would be taken and thankfully Bayeux Hospital is a phone call away.

Can I film you or take notes during the tour?

No, we do not allow filming, sound recording nor note taking during the tour. We have learnt the hard way to protect the contents of our tour which is the result of months and ongoing research. However photo taking is evidently permitted and encouraged.

Does your tour go inside buildings such as the Cathedral and Tapestry museum?

It doesn't on scheduled tours.

For two reasons:

1. time allowance

2. potential church service in progress

1. Though tourists’ interest for the magnificent architecture of our cathedral is tolerated within the Bayeux Cathedral, it is primarily a place of worship, regular services and ceremonies take place there. It makes it impossible therefore to integrate it as a constant feature of our tour.

2.We estimate a proper visit of the inside of the cathedral to take around 30mn which could not be included within our scheduled tours.

Needless to say our tour includes extensive explanations on the many stages of its construction and detailed study of its architecture, not to mention the love and betrayal stories attached to it. We encourage our guests to make the time to visit the inside of the cathedral properly and read the many available explanatory signs, in peace and reverence, as this site demands.

However we can include it in a private tour needing first to check that no service is taking place at the chosen date and time. We have full permission to do so.

As for the Tapestry museum, guiding is not permitted there. Guides are only tolerated to accompany their guests. An audio device is supplied to explain the stages of story of the Tapestry. This commentary exists in an adult and children version and is extremely well done. On the first floor there are displays with explanatory boards and finally an animated version of the Tapestry into a short movie, showing in English at regular intervals. This visit takes about 1h15mn, though the commentary of the Tapestry in itself is only 30mn if you are short for time.

Again, references to the Tapestry'political context, William The Conqueror’s life, birth and ancestors are countless within our tour comment.

We also encourage Bayeux visitors to visit our War Memorial and the MAHB (Art and History museum) to discover remains, artefacts and memorabilia. We offer a "pre-purchased, cut-the-queue" service if you are short of time and we can add time on your quote if you wish for us to accompany you inside museums: email us with your request and we will send you a detailed quote.